Monday, August 07, 2006

Pro-kapitalistisches Denken: Ein Hauch von Frühling in Europa

Newsweek berichtet diese Woche über den Zustand pro-kapitalistischer Bewegungen in Europa. Obwohl die Situation demnach noch ziemlich trostlos ist, gibt es sehr hoffnungsvolle Ansätze.

"Fighting windmills? Maybe not. In Germany, the Banking Association is helping change attitudes by supplying instructional materials explaining markets to more than 20,000 teachers. "A few years ago the Education Ministry would have kicked us out," says the association's Wilhelm Bürklin."

Eine Reihe weiterer Ansätze wird genannt, darunter auch das Centre for the New Europe.

Hoffnung macht der starke Anstieg des pro-kapitalistischen Anteils unter jungen Menschen.

"Bigger changes will likely come in a decade or two, says Disney, when the twenty- and thirty-somethings who dominate the new pro-market groups today become editors, politicians and business leaders. Indeed, a recent poll by the IPOS Institute finds the market economy's approval rating rising to 59 percent among Germans under 30, with only 32 percent saying the state needs to play a bigger role. Ten years ago, the figures were reversed. "The values shift is already underway," says Bürklin."