Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weitere Nachrufe auf Chris Tame

Über den kürzlich verstorbenen Direktor der britischen Libertarian Alliance hatte ich an dieser Stelle schon geschrieben. Hier gibt es jetzt eine Linksammlung der LA, wo weitere Nachrufe auf Tame zu finden sind.

Hier ein paar Auszüge:

"The Scotsman" schreibt:

On taking office at the DTI, Sir Keith asked Chris to compile a reading list for senior civil servants. His idea was to wean them off the subsidy mindset and to suggest privatisation and de-regulation. To digest the set texts was not obligatory but it was suggested knowledge of Smith, Hume, Hayek and Friedman was a prudent career step. It may be argued the liberalisation of the telephone market was Chris's greatest success. "Competition is the best discovery procedure," was his mantra.

"The Guardian" schreibt:

At the 1990 Tory conference, Tame masterminded an invasion by scantily clad models claiming to be "Conservatives against sex censorship" at a rally organised by Mary Whitehouse. Another campaign was aimed at equalising the age of consent for homosexuals.